CPL The DSM 172 made by Olis Inc. allow us to do a wide variety of photophysical measurements including:

  • Absorbance.
  • Fluorescence and fluorescence anisotropy.
  • Circular dichroism (CD).
  • Fluorescence detected circular dichroism (FDCD).
  • Circularly polarized luminiscence (CPL).

In most of the cases this different kinds of measurements should be carried out using many instrumentation, but the DSM 172 let us to perform them using just one instrument.

Equipped with a Xe lamp and a monochromator able to select wavelenghts from the near UV to the IR region, the DSM 172 allow us to embrace a wide range of wavelenghts. In other hand, the monochromator have a high sensitivity, meaning really precise measures.

Completely modular, we can modify any variable thanks to their powerfull software and process the obtained data effectively (automatic temperature slope, Singular Value Decomposition, etc...).

Even more, we can measure CPL signals of racemic samples irradiating only one enantiomer and evaluate the optical properties of one enantiomer even when the other one is placed into the sample. We are able to obtain glum values up to 0.0001.

Jasco CPL-300


The circularly polarized luminescence (CPL) spectrophotometer Jasco CPL-300 complements other techniques to measure quiroptical properties such as electronic (ECD) or vibrational (VCD) circular dichroism.

As CPL measurements give weak signals, sensitive instruments as the CPL-300 are required, which allows the detection of the signal in a wide spectral range.

Its 180º configuration minimizes photoselection, making this instrument suitable for its application in the CPL measurement of aggregates or films.

Laser Chameleon Discovery NX

laser1 laser2

Ultrafast laser with a wide settings range for two-photon spectroscopy and microscopy.